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Producer of Christian entertainment?

Ministry leader with an established broadcast presence?

We would like to discuss including your content in our programming lineup.

 ACTS2 is available on all major platforms (Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire, iOS, Android and the web). 

ACTS247 is our 24 hour feed of Great Commission Television.  We'd love to dicuss airing your program.  Please see the following specifications. 


Please make sure your content and your organization is not in conflict with The Baptist Faith and Message.


Sound: My program audio is normalized to no less than -8db and no more than 0db output before clipping.
Aspect Ratio: My content is 1980x1020 HD output.

Format: .mp4 and .mov are acceptable. For live stream, RTMP is the only transmission protocol permitted for the ACTS2 platform. The following are available for the ACTS247 platform: RTMP, SRT, TCP, UDP and HLS pull.

Length of Time: (preferred) My content length is a whole amount to the nearest ½ minute. (27:30 is okay … 27:38 is not) – in the case of a live event, in most cases, the program will be cut to accommodate the next scheduled broadcast unless previously agreed discussed.

Lighting: My subjects are well lit (even) and not too dark or too bright (blooming).

Heads/Tails: My content has NO bars/tone/slate before or after – the actual content starts as soon as I click “go”.

Licensing: All music licensing is the responsibility of the content provider. Be sure you have the CCLI streaming add-on.

Please see the 2023 rate card here.

Please reach out via email us so we can begin a conversation. (click the envelope below)